• CanTEST and TESTCan Discontinuation Notice

  • The OLBI Language Testing Services team would like to thank you for your past support and faith in the administration and delivery of the French (TESTCan) and English (CanTEST) language proficiency tests.

    Please be advised that the CanTEST and TESTCan are no longer being offered as of August 15, 2021. The last test was administered in February 2020. Test score results remain valid for a period of two years from the date the test was administered; consequently, all test scores will be rendered invalid after August 15, 2022. As a result of this decision, we will no longer be investing in new tests, practice tests or other related materials, nor will we be selling such material. Please do not hesitate to contact our office at CanTEST@uottawa.ca or TESTCan@uottawa.ca.


    TO: Past Test takers

    While the tests are no longer being administered, your scores remain valid for a period of two years from the date you last took the test. Therefore, you may still request your unofficial or official score reports up until August 15, 2022. Refer to: Score Interpretation, Requirements and Reporting.


    TO: Institutions accepting the CanTEST/TESTCan

    We have reached out to many of the institutions that have accepted the CanTEST/TESTCan scores in the past. Please remember that the score results are still valid for a period of two years after the test date. You should not accept any CanTEST/TESTCan score results after August 15, 2022. Please find a copy of the communiqué that was sent out in mid-July 2021 to institutions such as yours (PDF)


    TO: Official CanTEST/TESTCan Testing Sites

    We have sent out a communiqué (PDF) to all of the CanTEST/TESTCan official sites announcing our decision to discontinue the CanTEST/TESTCan as of August 15, 2021. 


    TO: Users of the Institutional CanTEST/TESTCan

    A communiqué was sent out to current and past users of the Institutional CanTEST/TESTCan on July 30, 2021. Please find a copy of the communiqué (PDF).

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